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Online payday loan direct lenders -Instant loans direct lenders only: fast cash

Sometimes we face the need to obtain a certain amount of capital to deal with unforeseen events.

Instant loans direct lenders only: you might consider us if you want cash fast

This instant loan direct lender only is characterized by being available online (like most mini loans) and can be used for any type of purpose. Let’s see an instant loan direct lender only from GreenTouch that you can access today.

You can get an amount of up to € 900 in less than 15 minutes and return in 30 days. Lenders offer the possibility of obtaining the first loan totally free for new clients. In addition, it offers advantages for regular users. In addition, certain promotions are always active, for example, the lenders & Friends promotion for which you receive € 30 for each friend to whom you recommend these services.

Commissions are somewhat high, but manageable if liquidity is needed in a short period of time. To give you an idea, if you request a loan of € 100 to 30 days, you must pay € 28 interest.

Lenders grants a minimum amount of € 50 and a maximum of € 900 from the fourth loan (€ 300 if it is a new client). The minimum return period is 7 days and a maximum of 30. But, beware, if you are between 21 and 24 years old you can only request € 200 the first time.

With lending companies, there is no need to indicate what you need the loan for. lending companies give you the option to get up to € 500 in a few minutes. In addition, as with the lenders Mini Credit, it offers advantages for people who recommend their application. In this case, the name of the promotion is “Sponsor Program” and provides € 25 to all lending companies customers who have a loan with them (paid or in effect) and 7 days without interest for the loan to the new ones ” sponsored. “

Among the advantages of this mini loan is the fact that it accepts clients as long as the debts are non-bank and less than € 1000.

Regarding the commissions, as happens with the lenders are somewhat high: You must pay € 30 for every € 100 loan to 30 days.

The minimum amount offered by lending companies is € 50 and the maximum is € 500. New customers can only get amounts worth € 250.

You can access this type of loan from 18 years old.

Mini credit – helps financial problems

This is something that unfortunately is very common among the self-employed whose invoices issued can be charged with a legal delay of up to 120 days. It can also happen to any individual who in a month is joined by certain important unavoidable expenses.

Luckily today we can count on mini credits whose attractions for the consumer are several:

  • Credit facility
  • Speed ​​to get the money
  • No linked products or need to change banks. Yes, the amounts must be returned on the date agreed upon when requesting the micro credit. Normally this type of entities usually grant 30 days to return the full amount together with the interest.

Keep in mind that although these are affordable loans because of their low amount, they continue to be more expensive than personal loans, and sometimes even more than paying by credit card. For this reason it is important to use them only in situations of need, of a punctual nature, and therefore, that they do not happen frequently. 

    Credit for company formation

    The founding of one’s own company requires a lot from the founder: in addition to courage and a certain flair for the business, a detailed business plan and the financing of the company are required before the company can establish itself on the market. Especially the latter, the financing, raises at the beginning most questions. Which bank declares its willingness to take the risk of default if the company fails? The Intrasavings bank (Reconstruction Loan Corporation), or Intrasavings Bank for short, offers several solutions in the form of promotional loans. Which programs are suitable as a loan to start a business and what is required for an application will be determined below.

    The Intrasavings start-up loan Astro Finance

    The Intrasavings start-up loan Astro Finance

    The Astro Finance is a loan granted by the Intrasavings and funded by the European Union, which is aimed directly at start-ups who are looking for a loan to start a business. As a result, can be financed in a relatively favorable manner operationally necessary investments and resources. The maximum subsidy amount is 100,000 USD. A typical feature of Intrasavings Bank is its favorable interest rates, which are often far below the market average. In the present case, the effective interest rate is a favorable 3.71%.

    The Astro Finance can also be used as a loan to start a business even if your own company has so far only been a sideline. But it must be geared towards becoming the mainstream medium-term acquisition. The loan can be used to cover all costs incurred by the company, such as procurement, raw materials and supplies or personnel costs. Of the granted 100,000 USD, however, only a maximum of 30,000 USD may be used to finance working capital.

    Also in relation to the other conditions, this loan is particularly entrepreneur-friendly for starting a business. The term is either 5 or 10 years. At 10 years, however, the effective interest rate rises minimally to 3.92%, which is still well below the market average. In order to avoid being burdened by a debt service immediately after its founding, Intrasavings grants the borrower one or two grace-free start-up years, depending on the term of the loan. During this time, the company can establish itself in the market and repay the loan later.

    The Intrasavings Start-up Loan Universal

    The Intrasavings Start-up Loan Universal

    If a loan is needed for the formation of a company, the amount of which should be higher than 100,000 USD, then the Intrasavings Start-Up Loan Universal is more likely for the applicant. It can also finance larger start-ups as long as the company is a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). About this loan will be provided up to 10 million USD. However, the prerequisite for this is a well thought-out, precisely planned and, above all, sustainable concept, which has positive future prospects.

    With this credit for starting a business, all the costs incurred by a company can be financed, as long as they can be linked to the actual operating activity. Unlike the Intrasavings Astro Finance, this program can also be combined with other public funding.

    The interest rates for this offer are determined by the house bank through a risk-adjusted interest rate system, with which Intrasavings loans are usually concluded. Several factors, such as the creditworthiness and the quality of the collateral offered, play a role in addition to the general economic conditions on which the business plan and industry have an influence.

    With this loan for the establishment of the company, grace-free start-up years are also possible, which are based on the term of the loan, which can amount to a maximum of 20 years. The interest rate is fixed for a maximum of 10 years. During this fixed interest period, an unscheduled repayment is also possible without a prepayment penalty.