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Opting for insurance delegation with loan insurance

Opting for insurance delegation with loan insurance

Created in 1977, the Sellozar group is a wholesale broker that designs insurance products and offers them to a network of brokers responsible for distributing them. He is the second largest French multi-specialist wholesaler.

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It now covers all the insurance needs of individuals. Thanks to a market-based approach, it is able to offer its insureds comprehensive insurance packages and provides its intermediary network with competitive solutions.

Choose freely a Sellozar loan insurance

You do not have to accept the group insurance contract proposed by the bank and can take out your loan insurance with the insurer of your choice. This gives you the opportunity to play the competition and find the individual insurance contract that will be the most advantageous.

Compare your insurance loan Sellozar

Compare your insurance loan Sellozar

In order to make the best choice, do not hesitate to use an online loan insurance comparator. Its use will allow you to compare in detail many offers from different insurers. You will be sure to choose the best offer on the market! The search for the best insurance offer may require a lot of time, it is recommended that you go through a broker specialized in loan insurance. The broker can negotiate your loan insurance Sellozar and present you the best offers of the largest insurers.

Cogilaw Act in 2012

The best way to give borrowers freedom of choice, by obliging credit organizations to accept an external loan insurance delegation:

  • if the contract contains less than equivalent guarantees
  • by obliging the banker to indicate the reasons in case of refusal
  • also forbidding him

Furcem Act in 2012

Prior to the Cogilaw Company, the Furcem law tries to untie the credit insurance by prohibiting tied selling “package” credit + coverage (housing, credit, resale)

  • The Furcem law can be reminded to the banker to impose his choice of loan insurance delegation.

Guide to getting the best loan insurance delegation

Guide to getting the best loan insurance delegation

  1. Simulation Online Calculator Online
  2. Pricing loan insurance
  3. Realization of a contractual offer
  4. Membership in the day (without medical)