Peridot Jewelry


Often pronounced as pair-a-doe, peridot is obtained from olivine. Olivine, a combination of two minerals: fayalite and forsterite, is not declared as a mineral yet. Fayalite is rich in iron and Forsterite contains high volume of magnesium. Most of these gemstones are derived from iron-nickel meteorites named pallasites. A higher volume of forsterite is presentPeridot Jewelry in this gemstone than fayalite because this mineral with rich iron content acts as the coloring agent for this gem. Some of these gems having best color contains less than 15 percentage of iron and also contains traces of nickel and chromium. The traces of nickel and chromium are also capable to support the coloring process.

The word “peridot” is derived from the French word “peritot” which has a meaning “unclear”. The main portion of this gem comes from Egypt, Myanmar, Kohistan, Minas Gerais, Eifel, Chihuahua, Ethiopia, Peridot Mesa, San Carlos Apache Reservation, Gila County, Arizona and Salt Lake Crater, Oahu and Hawaii. From the olden days, we can find the best quality gems in Myanmar and Egypt. Recently, some sources of these gems are founded in Pakistan also. The gems which are available from the Arizona area are of lesser quality. But, Arizona area has rich source of these stones and therefore peridots from Arizona is much more affordable. According to the experts, Arizona holds around 80 to 95 percentage of peridot production.
Myanmar, Pakistani and Egyptian hold rare sources of this gem metal, but the gems from these regions have Peridot Jewelry better quality. The cost of this gem material from these regions is also high. It is difficult to distinguish this gem from other gemstones, especially emerald. Throughout time, peridot has been confused with many other gemstones, even emerald. This gem material has a dark green color mixed with yellow and is famous in the name “evening emerald”. Apatite, green garnets, green tourmaline, green sinhalite, moldavites and green zircon are some of the gem stones which look similar to peridots. All the above said gemstones have a nice yellow shade with their green color same as these gems have. These gemstones are now very much popular around the world.


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